Mom’s House Gerber’s Washcloth For Baby (8 Pieces)


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Mom’s House Gerber’s Washcloth For Baby

Washcloths is a product used to wipes you lovely baby.

Pieces : (8 pieces)

Fabric : Soft towel material, double-thread edge banding


Material : 80% cotton 20% polyester

Why increase this 20% polyester instead of 100% cotton?
That’s because polyester has 1, high strength 2, good elasticity 3, good heat resistance 4, good water absorption 5, good wear resistance 6, light resistance 7, corrosion resistance and other high-quality characteristics.

Specifications : 22cm?22cm

Use : Small towels, face towels, breastfeeding towels, sweat towels, small handkerchiefs, bath towels, washing pp towels

Baby instructions : Many mothers know this brand of things, the quality is really good, the water absorption is very strong, every detail is so exquisite, hurry up and choose a few replacements for the baby.
The baby’s resistance is relatively weak, so the small handkerchief and face towel must be strictly separated.

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